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Current Offerings
I'm now offering the following remote sessions along with some online events and retreats, full details of which can be found further down this page.

  • One to One Well Woman Yoga, or Restorative Yoga by Zoom, Facetime, etc

  • Rune Work either by Zoom, FaceTime or Distant work

  • Distant Healing - Reiki and Shamanic Healing

  • One to One Meditation or Drum Journey by Zoom, FaceTime, etc

  • Essential oil blends intuitively blended for you following a telephone consultation

If you and some friends and or family would benefit from your own small yoga session to connect with each other this can be arranged too by zoom.

"Distant healing isn't my preferred way of working, I'm generally all about the face to face, the "hands on" but in these uncertain times we need to take ourselves out of our comfort zones and as I said in my recent blog I do feel as a "healer" it is my responsibility to do all that I can.  If you think you'd benefit from some distant Reiki, distant Shamanic Healing, or know someone that would, please drop me a line, text, phone call, whatever suits you.  Or perhaps you'd like a one to one meditation, I know there are several apps and so on but it might be you'd like an individual one, or perhaps a Shamanic Drum Journey. 

I'm also offering the making of Sigils, a powerful symbol which can be made for healing, or something you wish to address in your life or as a gift to a friend. I made a patchwork throw with a sigil centrepiece for my brother last year as a wedding gift, it symbolised each member of the family, him, his wife and their two beautiful daughters, the sacred union of the marriage and joy. 

I can also offer rune readings and guide you through different ways of using a rune.  I made a rune and placed it under a glass of water, then drank it when we were having issues with the purchase of our house.  No sooner had I drank the water than we received a phone call saying all could go ahead and everything was completed and the house ours within hours!

All Sigils and Runes will be created for you in partnership with spirit, powered up and then posted out to you.  I will let you know once they are posted so that you know they are on their way.  I am limiting my trips to the post office to once a week as our local community post office is closed.  Also, as you are no doubt aware there are some delays with the post with our posties working as hard as possible to keep us supplied with all our online shopping and perhaps some like me have returned to good old fashioned letter writing and sending cards just to say hello and send some love."​

If you're interested in any of the above, please contact me using the details below to book your session or for more information.

Mobile: Lyn 07733 267048
Email: lyn@sacredawakenings.co.uk

Dates For Your Diary


Saturday 19 June 2021
Join Katharine Lucy Haworth of Orangeblossom Old Ways and Lyn of Sacred Awakenings to the Summer Solstice.  Full details to follow.


Saturday 31 July 2021

Join Katharine Lucy Haworth of Orangeblossom Old Ways and Lyn of Sacred Awakenings to Celebrate Lammas.  Full details to follow.


Saturday 30 October 2021

Katharine Lucy Haworth of Orangeblossom Old Ways and Lyn of Sacred Awakenings will once again be holding their annual celebration of Samhain with their Honouring Our Sacred Ancestors Event.  This will be the fourth year that this event has run and we were absolutely delighted that in 2020 we held the event in Ingleton sat in a sacred circle.  


Saturday 28 November 2021

Join Katharine Lucy Haworth of Orangeblossom Old Ways and Lyn of Sacred Awakenings for their traditional sacred gathering at this time of year.  Full details to follow

Be Your Own Author, Follow Your Own Star
A Four Week Course Commencing Thursday 8 April 7.30pm to 9pm 


Where: Online **FULLY BOOKED**

Are you your own Author?  Or are you living someone else's stories?  Do you feel you wish to re-write your narratives?  Begin to live your own story?  We will create a treasure map of our life.  We will explore and unearth the influences and influencers of our story.  My intention wasn't our modern day Instagram Influencers but these might well feature!  Perhaps something an old school teacher said long ago has influenced decisions and choices you have made.  Perhaps you are trying to live your parents unfulfilled dreams.  Maybe someone famous influences your thoughts.  Our lives are influenced by so many external factors; social, economic, environmental, family, friends.  We will discover who and what influences us and how we feel about them and which ones we wish to change. We will discover the roles we play consciously and unconsciously; which ones we choose, which ones have exited left of stage and which ones are very much taking centre stage. 

As we navigate our stories and discover which are ours and those that belong to others we will venture into stormy seas and the choppy waters of change.  We will locate our lifeboats, not those that we cling onto with our fingernails but the ones that soothe us and sail us out of crashing waves onto gently lapping shores. 

We will journey with the drum and write our own story.  All you need are some sheets of large paper, A3 size, a journal and art materials, nothing fancy just pens and pencils are sufficient but you can choose to use paints, pastels, magazine clippings whatever your heart desires.

This idea has been bubbling away in my cauldron for a while now following the completion of my Story Practitioner Training with Carol Day last year and I look forward to sharing this powerful healing journey with you.  Knowing that we will all be connected across the ethers, the web of life entwines us all and as we become the author of or own story the threads of our web will shift and change, tugging on the threads of others.

This course also includes a one hour one to one shamanic healing session with me.

We will gather weekly on a Thursday, Thor's Day the most powerful day for magical workings, our first session is on Thursday 8 April and our last one will be Thursday 29 April.  The investment in becoming Your Own Author is £100.  Payment can be made in instalments, just contact me if this is your preferred option of paying.  To secure your place please PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/sacredawakenings44 or contact me for bank details. **FULLY BOOKED**


I envision this being a deep and powerful journey for many which is why I'm offering the one to one session as part of the course which can either be during the four weeks or at the end or beginning.  I have also, therefore limited places to keep our Circle a place of safety giving plenty of room for sharing and holding each other.

Full Seed Moon Circle
When: Monday 26 April 2021: 8pm to 10pm 

Where: Online

Join Jennie of Nurturing Touch and Lyn of Sacred Awakenings as we celebrate this Seed Full Moon.  This Full Moon brings a time of abundance and as the Full Moon sits in Scorpio it is a time to celebrate stability and encourage feelings of security within yourself.  When calling in abundance and creating stability we can find ourselves stalled by our own self-worth and how we value ourselves.  We will sit in our virtual circle and create a Rune to support us and Lyn will take us on a drum journey to connect with our Rune.  Jennie will read us a bedtime story as we lay snuggled in our nest of cushions and blankets.  Our time together will gift us the opportunity to journal on all that has arisen and share with our sacred sisters.

Your Magical Moon Box will arrive with all that you need for our evening together to create your own magical rune.

The price of this beautiful sacred circle is £15. To book on please follow the link to Jennie's website or contact me direct. https://www.nurturingtouch.uk/events

Beltane Blessings of Maytime Magic
When: Saturday 1 May - 10am to 1.30pm


Where: Online

Lyn of Sacred Awakenings and Katharine Lucy Haworth of Orangeblossom Old Ways cordially invite you to spend a day weaving magic together at Beltane.


This is your chance to sit together in Circle, honouring the ancient festival of Beltane, sharing, creating and witnessing each other. We will weave our Circle across the ethers online. You will receive a gift box filled with all that is needed to participate in this ceremony.

We will create a strong and safe container with time for each of us to share.


We will begin the day by releasing any fear that is holding us back from fully receiving the beautiful and abundant blessings of Beltane, under the Taurean sun.


We will be honouring ourselves and our sisters in Circle and also connecting deeply with the Spirits of Place, wherever we call home...we will be honouring in particular the little folk and the fairy fae, with fairies being in their own element at this bountiful, blossoming place in the wheel of the year. We shall create a miniature Maypole for the fairies, hopefully receiving their good favour in exchange!!


We shall undertake a Shamanic journey guided by the Drum to connect with the Spirit of Beltane and then have a meditative walk into our surroundings. During our walk we will connect greenery and flowers as we are called, to create our magical masks which we will wear for our sacred Tea Ceremony- connecting with the wisdom and medicine of Hawthorn...

We will share our insights and wisdom and as our time together nears its end Lyn will guide us with her magical storytelling through a Yoga Nidra connecting us deeply with our own sacred sensuality and sexual energies, our life force at this time when fertility and blossoming is everywhere in nature. This is also perfect with the Sun being in Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus. We will be harnessing this delicious life~force energy to take forward on our path towards the summertime.

We absolutely look forward to sharing this beautiful day with you. We keep places limited so that each woman has time to share. And we will create a Facebook group for sharing ongoing experiences and our Fairy Maypoles!


Please feel free to be in touch with any questions.


The price of this magical day including your Beltane Box is £40


To secure your place please PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/sacredawakenings44 or contact me for bank details.

We also, as ever, have one entirely ☆FREE☆ bursary place for a woman who does not have the money available at this time. If you would like this space, please feel free to message (in complete confidence). We will choose the recipient by putting names in a hat so the process will be fair.

Women's Seasons and Cycles
When: Dates to be Confirmed


Where: Online

Lyn of Sacred Awakenings and Jennie of Nurturing Touch invite you to join them on a journey of discovery and exploration of your Seasons and Cycles.  We will journey from the Spring of your Maidenhood through Mother, Maga and complete our journey by entering our Winter and Crowning our Crone.  During our time together we will sit in circle and share our stories embracing and nurturing our Devine Feminine Energy and Power.  We will learn to understand the power of each phase of our life, we will learn how we cycle within cycles, and how to move through each season of our cycle of our life.  We will take time to connect, heal and spiritually honour each and every part of us.  Along the way we will delve into healing and celebrating our menarche, learn about transitional ceremonies.  We will take a peak into our hormonal shifts and balances that occur.  We will learn a beautiful self-care massage, how to wrap and nurture our whole pelvis.  We will journey with the drum and settle into the deep rest of Yoga Nidra.  We will learn to dance our own dance with the moon learning the importance of our natal moon.  As we complete the journey together we will have shared stories, laughed and cried together.  We will feel the wisdom within us, knowing that we have the knowledge to step forward into each season of our life and the knowledge to heal all that has gone before us, healing not only ourselves but our ancestors and our daughters, nieces, friends.  We will feel the strength of this shared wisdom and all the joy that it brings.

When you sign up for this four week course you will receive a magical parcel of 4 boxes one for each season of your womanhood.

This course is suitable for women of all ages and stages of their life and we welcome the presence of small ones.  Knowing that it is never too late to step into this powerful way of connection, healing and honouring.  This knowledge is precious and it’s never too late to learn and begin to share.

If you are interested in this course please email me on lyn@sacredawakenings.co.uk

The Sacred Wheel (A Path of Exploration)
Course Length: 1 year


Course Dates:

Where: Mealbank Hall, Ingleton

It was with great sadness that Katharine Lucy Haworth of Orangeblossom Old Ways and Lyn of Sacred Awakenings had to postpone this beautiful transformative course last year.  We hoped that we would be celebrating the beginning of The Sacred Wheel at Spring Equinox this year.  We are hopeful that come September and the Autumn Equinox this will be possible.

An integral part of The Sacred Wheel is connecting with our own cycles and that of Mother Nature so in the meantime we invite you to join us on the events mentioned underneath Dates For Your Diary.  We are hopeful that many of these will be able to happen in person, sat in a sacred circle connecting with our inner knowing, listening to our inner wisdom and connecting with all that has gone before us, remembering the old ways. These wonderful gatherings will give you a beautiful taster of what to expect when you join us on The Sacred Wheel (A Path of Exploration)

This Path of Exploration will be a truly transformational experience for you. You will learn how to feel grounded in your body and breathe deeply into and from your wombspace (whether physical or energetic). You will be held and supported by nature, creation and Spirit in turn feeling more connection and trust. You will feel more powerful, not only heard but listened to. You will experience how powerful intentions, prayers, affirmations and incantations are. You will have the tools to be in your power, to connect. You will learn that you have the power to turn from fear to love, to see things differently. You will step into the highest version of yourself and find your own True Voice.

Each morning will begin with gentle Well Woman Yoga to connect with our bodies and to feel into our creativity and clear energetic blockages. This yoga is suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to veteran yoginis. Yoga mats and blankets will be provided.

We will have drum journeys each day inviting you to connect with the direction and element we are working with. Starting at the Spring Equinox together we will journey round the Medicine Wheel connecting with each element and direction. You will meet power animals/allies/guides to work and heal with. We will connect with the land and elements around us during meditative walks

We will make our own unique Medicine Wheel and set of Medicine Cards. These will be as simple, detailed, elaborate, flamboyant, big or as small as you wish. No artistic skills are required. The number of Medicine Cards you make is entirely up to you, this will all unfold as you explore this Path. The Medicine Wheel and Cards are sacred tools for you to use for life; for manifesting your dreams and goals, for divination work, to ask a simple question, aid healing, meditating, to increase your connection with yourself, the cycles, seasons, nature and Spirit. Your Wheel and Cards will be utterly unique to you having come from your guidance and intuition.

The journeys will provide inspiration for your Medicine Wheel and connecting Medicine Cards. The creative work will begin each weekend and unfold as the quarter goes on.

Some of our work will be outdoors so please bring clothing suitable for the time of year. Remember we are in Yorkshire so probably best to cover all eventualities of rain, cold, wind, sun – layers, warm, waterproof. Sensible footwear as we wander through the beautiful countryside around us.

We will provide basic art materials; paints, brushes, pastels, glitter, glue, paper and card as well as some wool and fabric. Remember that nature can be your art materials; leaves, flowers, stones, twigs, the list is endless. Please give thought to the materials that will make your heart sing and soul smile as you create your Sacred Medicine Wheel and Cards.

We invite you to spend the whole weekend in this deep immersive experience for no extra cost just bring a mat and sleeping bag and you can sleep in the hut overnight, or there are plenty of places to stay or camp in and around the village. The hut has a fully equipped kitchen and shower in the disabled toilet. Plenty of parking outside. We will provide a hearty bowl of soup, stew or similar each day and invite you to bring some bread, salad or similar as an accompaniment. Delicious teas from Tarn & Moon will be available throughout the weekends along with cake.

This will be a time of making connections with ourselves, others, nature, the elements and spirits of place. We will have the opportunity to share deeply of our journeys and experiences and therefore places are limited.

You will also receive an invite to a Secret Facebook Group – The Sacred Wheel, a place where we can share our work and encourage each other along the way in between our gatherings.

Contact us to book your place or for more information
Lyn 07733 267048
Katharine 07533 663103

lyn@sacredawakenings.co.uk or orangeblossomoldways@gmail.com

Zoom Well Woman Yoga Classes
When: Contact me to arrange a time & date
In the comfort of your own home!

Contact me using the details below to book your class or for more information.

Mobile:Lyn 07733 267048

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