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The Archetypes Of Your Sacred Feminine
*Fully Booked*

When: Fortnightly Gatherings 2 February 2022 to 16 March 2022 - 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Where: Online
Price: *Fully Booked*

Commencing Wednesday 2 February 2022 under the powerful energy of the New Moon.  We will meet fortnightly with our last gathering being Wednesday 16 March 2022. We will gather online creating a Sacred Circle across the lands and seas from 7.30pm to 9.30pm UK time. 

We will explore and meet with our own unique Archetype of each of the phases of our Sacred Feminine, our Womanhood from Maiden, through Mother, Maga and finally arriving at our Crone. Each gathering will begin with an introduction to each of the phases of our womanhood and seeing the sacredness of them all.  Meeting the season of each and knowing that some of us will have shorter seasons than others, that some of us will meet our Crone sooner than others.  These are the essence of who we are and I’m sure that perhaps I stepped into my Maga sooner as I wasn’t a Mother of children. As soon as I heard of the Maga through Jane Hardwicke-Collings she called me and so strongly resonated with me.  Knowing that we don’t need to be defined by the physicality of our bodies.  Some of us are born mothers, becoming mothers at an early age caring for younger siblings or parents.

 I will guide you through a Yoga Nidra leading us into a Drum Journey.  The drum journey will invite us to meet with our younger selves and perhaps journeying to meet our future selves depending where we are in our life cycle.  Each Nidra and Drum Journey will be an opportunity to meet with our Archetype and she will be unique to each and everyone of us.  We will build a relationship with her.  Perhaps she will gift us with a healing or celebration ceremony for our Menarche.  Perhaps we will receive a Rites of Passage Ceremony for when the time comes for our us to step into our Cronehood.  

There will be time for journaling and sharing. An invitation to create Sacred Art for each of your Archetypes whatever that be for you, a poem, a story, a sculpture, a painting, a sewing project, whatever your chosen medium is.  

There will also be an opportunity to honour the women in our lives and the teachers that have inspired me to create this course.  Jane Hardwicke-Collings, Uma Dinsmore, Imelda Almqvist and Carol Day.  

**Fully Booked**

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Women's Seasons and Cycles
When: Dates to be Confirmed


Where: Online

Lyn of Sacred Awakenings and Jennie of Nurturing Touch invite you to join them on a journey of discovery and exploration of your Seasons and Cycles.  We will journey from the Spring of your Maidenhood through Mother, Maga and complete our journey by entering our Winter and Crowning our Crone.  During our time together we will sit in circle and share our stories embracing and nurturing our Devine Feminine Energy and Power.  We will learn to understand the power of each phase of our life, we will learn how we cycle within cycles, and how to move through each season of our cycle of our life.  We will take time to connect, heal and spiritually honour each and every part of us.  Along the way we will delve into healing and celebrating our menarche, learn about transitional ceremonies.  We will take a peak into our hormonal shifts and balances that occur.  We will learn a beautiful self-care massage, how to wrap and nurture our whole pelvis.  We will journey with the drum and settle into the deep rest of Yoga Nidra.  We will learn to dance our own dance with the moon learning the importance of our natal moon.  As we complete the journey together we will have shared stories, laughed and cried together.  We will feel the wisdom within us, knowing that we have the knowledge to step forward into each season of our life and the knowledge to heal all that has gone before us, healing not only ourselves but our ancestors and our daughters, nieces, friends.  We will feel the strength of this shared wisdom and all the joy that it brings.

When you sign up for this four week course you will receive a magical parcel of 4 boxes one for each season of your womanhood.

This course is suitable for women of all ages and stages of their life and we welcome the presence of small ones.  Knowing that it is never too late to step into this powerful way of connection, healing and honouring.  This knowledge is precious and it’s never too late to learn and begin to share.

If you are interested in this course please email me on lyn@sacredawakenings.co.uk


Be Your Own Author, Follow Your Own Star *Fully Booked*
I am pleased to say that following the huge success I am offering this course once more.
A Four Week Course Commencing Wednesday 26 May 7.30pm to 9.30pm 
Where: Online **Fully Booked**


Are you your own Author?  Or are you living someone else's stories?  Do you feel you wish to re-write your narratives?  Begin to live your own story?  We will create a treasure map of our life.  We will explore and unearth the influences and influencers of our story.  My intention wasn't our modern day Instagram Influencers but these might well feature!  Perhaps something an old school teacher said long ago has influenced decisions and choices you have made.  Perhaps you are trying to live your parents unfulfilled dreams.  Maybe someone famous influences your thoughts.  Our lives are influenced by so many external factors; social, economic, environmental, family, friends.  We will discover who and what influences us and how we feel about them and which ones we wish to change. We will discover the roles we play consciously and unconsciously; which ones we choose, which ones have exited left of stage and which ones are very much taking centre stage. 

As we navigate our stories and discover which are ours and those that belong to others we will venture into stormy seas and the choppy waters of change.  We will locate our lifeboats, not those that we cling onto with our fingernails but the ones that soothe us and sail us out of crashing waves onto gently lapping shores. 

We will journey with the drum and write our own story.  All you need are some sheets of large paper, A3 size, a journal and art materials, nothing fancy just pens and pencils are sufficient but you can choose to use paints, pastels, magazine clippings whatever your heart desires.

This idea has been bubbling away in my cauldron for a while now following the completion of my Story Practitioner Coaching with Carol Day last year and I look forward to sharing this powerful healing journey with you.  Knowing that we will all be connected across the ethers, the web of life entwines us all and as we become the author of or own story the threads of our web will shift and change, tugging on the threads of others.

This course also includes a one hour one to one shamanic healing session with me.
We will begin our navigation through the seas of change on Wednesday 26 May, on the Full Moon a perfect time to release ways that no longer serve, in this case releasing the stories that have been written for us that we wish to let go of making room to re-write our own.  We will take a pause on Wednesday 9 June at New Moon to revisit our intentions to follow our own star.  We will gather for our last session on Wednesday 16 June as the sun is begins to reach her highest point for the Summer Solstice a perfect time for reflection on all that has been.  The investment in becoming your Own Author is £150. Payment can be made in instalments, just contact me if this is your preferred option of paying.  To secure your place please PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/sacredawakenings44 or contact me for bank details. *Fully Booked*


I envision that once again this will be a deep and powerful journey for many which is why I'm offering the one to one session as part of the course which can either be during the four weeks or at the end or beginning.  I have also, therefore limited places to keep our Circle a place of safety giving plenty of room for sharing and holding each other.

Zoom Well Woman Yoga Classes
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In the comfort of your own home!

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