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Current Offerings
Due to the Coronavirus, I'm now offering the following remote sessions in addition to limited in person events which can be found below:

  • One to One Well Woman Yoga, or Restorative Yoga by Zoom, Facetime, etc

  • Rune Work either by Zoom, FaceTime or Distant work

  • Distant Healing - Reiki and Shamanic Healing

  • One to One Meditation or Drum Journey by Zoom, FaceTime, etc

If you and some friends and or family would benefit from your own small yoga session to connect with each other this can be arranged too by zoom.

"Distant healing isn't my preferred way of working, I'm generally all about the face to face, the "hands on" but in these uncertain times we need to take ourselves out of our comfort zones and as I said in my recent blog I do feel as a "healer" it is my responsibility to do all that I can.  If you think you'd benefit from some distant Reiki, distant Shamanic Healing, or know someone that would, please drop me a line, text, phone call, whatever suits you.  Or perhaps you'd like a one to one meditation, I know there are several apps and so on but it might be you'd like an individual one, or perhaps a Shamanic Drum Journey. 

I'm also offering the making of Sigils, a powerful symbol which can be made for healing, or something you wish to address in your life or as a gift to a friend. I made a patchwork throw with a sigil centrepiece for my brother last year as a wedding gift, it symbolised each member of the family, him, his wife and their two beautiful daughters, the sacred union of the marriage and joy. 

I can also offer rune readings and guide you through different ways of using a rune.  I made a rune and placed it under a glass of water, then drank it when we were having issues with the purchase of our house.  No sooner had I drank the water than we received a phone call saying all could go ahead and everything was completed and the house ours within hours!

All Sigils and Runes will be created for you in partnership with spirit, powered up and then posted out to you.  I will let you know once they are posted so that you know they are on their way.  I am limiting my trips to the post office to once a week as our local community post office is closed.  Also, as you are no doubt aware there are some delays with the post with our posties working as hard as possible to keep us supplied with all our online shopping and perhaps some like me have returned to good old fashioned letter writing and sending cards just to say hello and send some love."​

If you're interested in any of the above, please contact me using the details below to book your session or for more information.

Mobile: Lyn 07733 267048
Email: lyn@sacredawakenings.co.uk

Seeking The Treasure of Our Sacred Heart
When: Saturday 28th November 2020 - 10am til 1:30pm


Where: Online

A warm invitation to join Lyn of @Sacred Awakenings and myself for this beautiful retreat day on Saturday 28th November 2020. This event will be online- in the comfort of your own home.

Under the Darkest Depths Full Moon, let go and reclaim your sacred heart treasure ♡ Imagine yourself snuggled in a warm, cosy nest, in stillness, candlelight flickering. Your cares have weighed heavy but now you are ready to release them with complete safety & surrounded by love.

This is your opportunity to sit together in a virtual Circle with us, to grieve, to let go, to connect deeply with the stillness & the wisdom of Mother Earth, & your own deep womb wisdom.

We will celebrate this Darkest Depths Moon, be held by Mother Earth and our Sister Circle. We will journey with the Drum & Sacred Storytelling to discover and reclaim the treasure of our own sacred hearts. Together, we will sit & stitch Runes onto a Treasure Pouch, we will inscribe our own spells, blessings & wisdom on to parchment.

We will wrap up and take a Shamanic Journey, a meditative walk, opening our hearts to the beauty, wisdom and messages from the wild elements and Spirits of Place...we will gather treasure and continue to create sacred art as guided by our own instinct.

We will reconnect to our own most precious treasure, that which will sustain, nourish & carry you through the dark nights of Wintertime.

We would love you to join us ♡

We will share an intimate Circle and you will recieve a very special parcel in the post including all you need to create your own unique treasure pouch, beautiful Tarn & Moon tea, handgathered herbs to smoke~cleanse your space, organic chocolate and more♡

Places are limited to give us all time to share and keep the Circle sacred and intimate.

£33 per place.

To secure your place please Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/sacredawakenings44
or bank transfer (message for details) or good old fashioned cash!

Please ensure your payment reaches us before 21 November, along with a note of your address to ensure you receive your special unique parcel in time.  Please drop me a line with your address to lyn@sacreawakenings.co.uk

The Sacred Wheel (A Path of Exploration)
Course Length: 1 year


Course Dates:
Unfortunately The Sacred Wheel has been postponed due to the Covid-19 situation. We will run the course as soon as we are able to. If you are interested, please do drop us a line and we will make a note to contact you once dates are finalised. We are hoping to run this from March 2021.


Where: Mealbank Hall, Ingleton

A journey of self-discovery deep in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales in Ingleton surrounded by beautiful countryside bought to you by two dedicated teachers each bringing their own unique specialties.

This Path of Exploration will be a truly transformational experience for you. You will learn how to feel grounded in your body and breathe deeply into and from your wombspace (whether physical or energetic). You will be held and supported by nature, creation and Spirit in turn feeling more connection and trust. You will feel more powerful, not only heard but listened to. You will experience how powerful intentions, prayers, affirmations and incantations are. You will have the tools to be in your power, to connect. You will learn that you have the power to turn from fear to love, to see things differently. You will step into the highest version of yourself and find your own True Voice.

Each morning will begin with gentle Well Woman Yoga to connect with our bodies and to feel into our creativity and clear energetic blockages. This yoga is suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to veteran yoginis. Yoga mats and blankets will be provided.

We will have drum journeys each day inviting you to connect with the direction and element we are working with. Starting at the Spring Equinox together we will journey round the Medicine Wheel connecting with each element and direction. You will meet power animals/allies/guides to work and heal with. We will connect with the land and elements around us during meditative walks

We will make our own unique Medicine Wheel and set of Medicine Cards. These will be as simple, detailed, elaborate, flamboyant, big or as small as you wish. No artistic skills are required. The number of Medicine Cards you make is entirely up to you, this will all unfold as you explore this Path. The Medicine Wheel and Cards are sacred tools for you to use for life; for manifesting your dreams and goals, for divination work, to ask a simple question, aid healing, meditating, to increase your connection with yourself, the cycles, seasons, nature and Spirit. Your Wheel and Cards will be utterly unique to you having come from your guidance and intuition.

The journeys will provide inspiration for your Medicine Wheel and connecting Medicine Cards. The creative work will begin each weekend and unfold as the quarter goes on.

Some of our work will be outdoors so please bring clothing suitable for the time of year. Remember we are in Yorkshire so probably best to cover all eventualities of rain, cold, wind, sun – layers, warm, waterproof. Sensible footwear as we wander through the beautiful countryside around us.

We will provide basic art materials; paints, brushes, pastels, glitter, glue, paper and card as well as some wool and fabric. Remember that nature can be your art materials; leaves, flowers, stones, twigs, the list is endless. Please give thought to the materials that will make your heart sing and soul smile as you create your Sacred Medicine Wheel and Cards.

We invite you to spend the whole weekend in this deep immersive experience for no extra cost just bring a mat and sleeping bag and you can sleep in the hut overnight, or there are plenty of places to stay or camp in and around the village. The hut has a fully equipped kitchen and shower in the disabled toilet. Plenty of parking outside. We will provide a hearty bowl of soup, stew or similar each day and invite you to bring some bread, salad or similar as an accompaniment. Delicious teas from Tarn & Moon will be available throughout the weekends along with cake.

Early bird offer of £800 is extended to 31 January.


Instalment schemes  of 3 - 12 months available.

Payment can be made by setting up a direct debit, please contact us for bank details or via PayPal, link below.


This will be a time of making connections with ourselves, others, nature, the elements and spirits of place. We will have the opportunity to share deeply of our journeys and experiences and therefore places are limited.

You will also receive an invite to a Secret Facebook Group – The Sacred Wheel, a place where we can share our work and encourage each other along the way in between our gatherings.

Contact us to book your place or for more information
Lyn 07733 267048
Katharine 07533 663103

lyn@sacredawakenings.co.uk or orangeblossomoldways@gmail.com

Zoom Well Woman Yoga Classes
When: Contact me to arrange a time & date
In the comfort of your own home!

Contact me using the details below to book your class or for more information.

Mobile:Lyn 07733 267048

Nurturing with Nature November
When: Throughout November


Where: Online

If you follow me, you know that nature nurtures me.  It’s no secret that it plays an important part of my life.  I therefore invite you to join me in Nurturing With Nature November; for just £30, that’s just £1 a day I will send you a prompt to your inbox.  It maybe a photo, or some information about a tree, or an invite to find out about the magical properties of a tree or plant and see if you can find it in your area.  Perhaps a bird you can look out for and recognise their song.  I may invite you to use the photo to journal, write a poem, meditate.  I may record the sounds of the river, or the birds for you to meditate upon.  It maybe that all I ask you to do one day is to stand outside barefoot and connect with the ground beneath you. Learn to identify a tree, bird, beings on your outings that you regularly notice but have no idea what it is,  invite you to look them up and find out more.  It may inspire you to paint, write a story or a poem, go out and take your own photo whether that’s the days prompt or not, remember, you can take it wherever you wish. Whatever nurtures your soul and makes your heart sing.  As the days shorten and the darkness creeps in we can find ourselves hunkering down and forgetting to go outside.  We can isolate ourselves within the darkness forgetting that there is still beauty to be found all around us.

It matters not where you live, most towns and cities have parks, green spaces, trees along roadsides, community gardens.  There is a street I have walked along many a time in London and said hello to the dwellers within the city trees and gardens I’m only ever there for a few days but everyday I notice something new.  

Today on my walk I decided I want to learn to identify fungi and perhaps this will inspire you to learn something new about nature, or maybe something new about you and what really nourishes your soul.

There is no behind with this, if you miss a day it doesn’t matter, you might choose to take just 5 minutes a day or maybe an hour a day, however you feel just go with your flow.
If you wish to join me please send your payment of £30 to 

Please also email me on lyn@sacredawakenings.co.uk with your email address, I’ll send an acknowledgement so you can make sure I don’t end up in your junk/spam box!

I look forward to sharing Nurturing With Nature November with you, we will have a Instagram #nurturingwithnaturenovember to share our pictures, journals, discoveries should you wish.  Through sharing we will I’m sure inspire each other and teach each other new things, but please do remember sharing is optional.  

Right well I think that gives me an excuse to purchase a new journal and maybe some new pens or something …… 

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