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Shamanic Healing


Soul Retrieval

Partial soul loss can occur at any time in our life, young or old. It can occur at times of abuse, violence, grief or bereavement, times of prolonged and intense anxiety and stress, accidents or injuries. Soul pieces that wish to escape the pain will break-away from our physical body, we are usually unaware of it happening but sometimes we can feel it physically.

We can also consciously or unconsciously give a piece of our soul to a loved one. In turn people can consciously or unconsciously take a piece of our soul often in an attempt to control us or take our power away. Loss of soul pieces can leave us feeling incomplete, not quite with it, feelings of some part of us being missing. A feeling of vulnerability which we are; as a hollow is left within us, leaving us open to spirit intrusions and further loss of power. A shamanic practitioner can track the lost soul pieces, collect them and bring them back to the client, for re-integration. Alternatively the client can be guided on a journey to gather the pieces themselves. This gathering and returning is known as Soul Retrieval. The soul pieces returned are pure energetic essence of you.

Shamanic Extraction

Spiritual intrusions are negative energy forms that enter our body when we are feeling vulnerable and weak, if we have experienced loss of our power, or a piece of our soul that leaves hollow spaces within us in which these intrusions can find a home. All illnesses have spiritual origins; symptoms of spiritual intrusions can be localised physical ailments, or ailments that affect us mentally and emotionally. Shamanic practitioners work with the spiritual aspect of illnesses by locating, identifying, safely removing and safely disposing of the intrusions. After spiritual intrusions have been removed a power ally retrieval is immediately carried out to fill the space and more often than not a soul retrieval will also be required.

Negative thought forms are flying around us all the time, our atmosphere is full of them, all negative thoughts and words carry energy that pour into our environment. A common way of becoming a recipient of a spiritual intrusion is in a face to face argument when we are in place of hate hurling words and thoughts at each other. If at this time we are in our full power we won’t be affected and the energy will bounce straight off us, but more often than not we are not in our full power and so
we have hollow spaces that this energy moves into. Also by sitting on our negative emotions not allowing ourselves to express what is in us enables us to conjure our own spiritual intrusion. This can be a one off incident that leaves us with negative thought forms or constant inner mind chatter connected to repeated behaviour patterns and feelings of low worth or self-esteem. The more attention we give to these negative thoughts the more negative energy we build.

We need to learn to take responsibility for what we are releasing into the atmosphere. We need to learn to nourish our bodies and soul, our heart space. If we are in full power then we are not full of hollow spaces just waiting to be filled. If we learn to emotionally cleanse ourselves of the negative energy and thought forms rather than retaining them or releasing them into the environment. How often in a day do you have negative thoughts that you are unintentionally sending out? Or are you intentionally sending them without realising the consequences? When did you last shout at a passing vehicle feeling safe in the security of your car? How often have you shouted at the television? Particularly at the moment in the light of the terrorist attacks, how many negative thought forms are you sending out? How much negative energy are you pouring into the atmosphere and how protected are you from receiving what others are putting out there?

Reawakening and Connecting to our Sacred Feminine Power

Connecting with your sacred feminine power, power that has been taken from women throughout the years not only through the patriarchal society but also by ourselves, allowing ourselves to view our periods, our menstruation as a curse, an inconvenience trying to make ourselves equal to men in their world; we are equal to men but we are different in many ways. We can work together looking at your cycle learning the art of conscious menstruation learning to embrace your cycle, learning to track your moods, your energy, and your creativity.

When working with your cycle you can learn when your dark phase is, when is your time to rest, your time to nurture yourself and when are you at your fullest power at your fullest you. Learn to harness the power of the menstruation, help it to ease the flow of your life, to make the most of your life and your relationships. If you are no longer bleeding we can look at which season of the year you’re in we can look at tracking your cycle with the moon learning to follow the moon and notice how your energies and moods are affected by the moon. We are over 50% water the moon has a huge influence on our lives as women particularly it’s no coincidence that our cycle often matches and reflects that of the lunar cycle so we can look at whether we too feel dark at dark moon or whether you feel at your fullest power at full moon. There is no right, no wrong we are all unique individuals, we all have our own phase our dips our own peaks and troughs and together we can learn to work with them. Learn when is your creative time when is your nurturing time. It doesn’t matter whether or not you still have your physical womb you still have your energetic womb you still have your deep inner sacred feminine power and together we can look at harnessing that power and how you
can embrace it to fully live your life.

If your bleeding is a curse for you if your peri-menopause feels full of symptoms that are getting you down we can look at gentle nurturing practices, deep relaxation practices, gentle yoga movement, movements that can help with your cycle whichever phase of cycle you’re in whether you wish to seek assistance with fertility with general day to day menstrual issues PMT cramps, moods peri menopausal flushes loss of libido we can look at gentle yoga moves to help you through these difficult times, the transitions we go through our lives as women looking at connecting not only to the moon the cycles and seasons of the year we can look at
connecting to the elements look at grounding and connecting to mother earth to connecting to the water within our bodies the inner fire of our bellies the space we need for communication we can look at connecting to the elements through our chakras through mantras through meditations working one to one to help nurture you as a woman to help you embrace your sacred feminine to reawaken your inner feminine to reawaken you to you whether your transition has been from being a maiden to being a mother from being a mother to being a grandmother, whether you are beginning to wonder who are you what do you want where is your life taking you together we can reawaken you.

As well as learning the art of conscious menstruation, or working with the moon, we will look at tracking your dreams see what they’re telling you, they are the unopened letters to yourself. We will remember your womb whether it physical or energetic is a space for your creativity it’s our source our power its where we dream and create all our projects whether it be writing a book, a poem, painting a picture changing jobs, making a home we create and birth many projects from within our feminine power not just babies. We can take ourselves back to our younger selves re connect to our inner maidens go back to our menarche our first bleed if for us it wasn’t embraced if it wasn’t a time of joy we can journey back and heal that time by healing the past we can impact on our present and our future what we don’t deal with now needs to be dealt with before menopause our peri menopause phase can sometimes seem difficulty purely because we haven’t healed ourselves and dealt with our hurts and traumas,
the skeletons within our cupboards.

Each session is led by your needs we will look at practices that we can do together for you to take home and incorporate into your life. We will explore what resources are available to help you.

Womb Clearing Ceremony

Our womb space starts at our throat chakra, in the throat, and finishes at our root charka, at the very tip of our spine. So not only is it the physical womb but a large energetic space, hence the mention of whether you still have your physical womb or not, this whole area of our body collects and stores all our guilt, trauma, pain, sorry, grief, resentment, hurt and not only ours, but those that have been passed down to us through our matriarchal lineage. Negative emotions we store up from the way we treated and spoken to not only by people close to us, but at work, society, the way that women are treated less than equally, something again that has been in the media recently with the pay differences.

Society deems aspects of woman hood to be unclean, talking about our monthly bleed, the menopause, are all taboo, despite the rise of the Red Tent and its recent reach of the Telegraph! Women’s power is a threat to the patriarchal world and all this negativity and how we deal with it whether it be disappointment, anger, sadness all builds up in our womb space. This build up has to manifest in some way, some type of dis-ease within us, whether this be physical ill health, often connected to our reproductive organs, mental ailments such as anxiety, depression, emotional and behaviour changes affecting our relationships, losing our lust for life, our creativity, loss of our self-worth which can be displayed in many ways often entering into relations that disempower us even further. So what can we do? Have a Womb Clearing. Something that we can do at any time of our life but in some tribal cultures deemed to be particularly important at the time of menopause, especially if it’s something we’ve never done before.

Some say it’s important to have one each season during the menopause, which by the way isn’t something we go through (more about this another day), working through those layers of unwanted emotions and baggage, clearing the “skeletons out of the closet” as one of my teachers said to me. A womb clearing enables a healing as the negativity that has built up is released, once the woman feels she has done all the releasing she is ready to do on that day, she dreams in all that she desires at that time. The healing process will include the use of many tools and techniques including a Navajo Marriage Basket, drumming, calling upon spirit allies, burning of sage, feathers and crystals and possibly much more.

A Womb Clearing is very rarely just that, more often than not will be a combination of Shamanic Work and may include Soul Retrieval, Power Ally Retrieval, Extraction or Chord Cutting. It is only by clearing our wombs that we are truly able to use our womb space for its true intention which is to seed, nourish, grow and birth our dreams, goals and ambitions.

The womb clearing ceremony can be very good for improving fertility - everyone that I've held space for to have a womb clearing that has dreamt in a baby has conceived shortly afterwards - I can't guarantee it will happen but ......

Distant Healing Package


The Pandemic and Lockdowns caused many of us to look at how we work and reframe our work, adapt to new ways, new technology and for me this meant increasing my offering of Distant Healing and online teachings.  Although having always carried out Distant Healing it was only a small part of my offerings.  As the world changed so did how people accessed their healing and I’ve found it continues to do so as it means you can access me from wherever you are in the world.


For Distant Healing I offer a shorter session, just one hour.  The Package works like this: 


Initial Contact by email using the link on this website.


A Diagnostic Journey will be carried out.


A free check-in one week after the session and a further follow-up one month after the initial session unless a further appointment has been made.


An appointment is made for the “Healing Session”, this will last one hour, during that time I ask that you be somewhere, that you will not be disturbed and request that you create a sacred space for yourself to receive the healing, for this you might wish to burn some incense, play some music (without words), hold a crystal, or have crystals around you or laid on you, light a candle, whatever feels right for you.  If you already work with spirit there is also an invitation for you to call in and welcome your allies to support you and work with you for your highest good.  A space where you are free to notice any physical sensations that arise and to allow any emotions to flow freely, for you to receive and accept all that happens during this time.  A glass of water to drink at the end. 


On the day of the Healing I will pull a rune for you and undertake a Ta Tydor (omen or signs walk), both of these are to receive messages for the work that will be undertaken in partnership with spirit. I will also create a sacred space.  Once the healing is complete, I will email you the messages from the rune and Ta Tydor along with pictures, full details of what happened during the session and any further sketches created.  The cost for this is £60.

Payment will be required a minimum of 24 hours prior to the Healing Session, to be made either by bank transfer or PayPal (please use the family and friends option)

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