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Sacred Awakenings has extensive experience & qualifications in the following disciplines:


A powerful tool for healing using the “Universe’s energy”, which is transferred through the therapist’s hands to the patient.  Reiki is a gentle relaxing process of releasing blocked energy in the body, re-balancing the body’s natural energy. Reiki heals the mind, body and soul enhancing personal growth.  The client remains fully clothed throughout treatment. Due to my Shamanic Healing, the Reiki experience can sometimes be different to the “usual” resulting from the two merging together beautifully.

In addition to providing Reiki treatments I also teach Reiki from Level 1 through to Master.


Aromatherapy Massage

Involves the use of natural essential oils extracted from plants to promote the physical and emotional health of body and mind.  Each treatment is individual, with the essential oils being intuitively selected and blended to suit each person’s needs, applied to carrier oil and massaged into the body.   Pressure is adapted to each client’s preference. 


A healing science practised by Egyptians and Chinese.  It is based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet mirroring the major organs and functions of the body, reflecting what is already happening within us. Gentle pressure is applied to reflex points all over the feet, releasing tension and toxic build up that block energy and may result in illness. 

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy allows the client time to relax providing a positive effect both physically and mentally, enabling overall well-being. Regular treatments provide a cumulative effect, benefitingnot only health but also leading to the strength to make changes within your life. Crystals can
restore and renew energy. During a treatment the client remains fully clothed whilst laid on a treatment bed, a crystal grid is placed around the bed, crystals will then be placed on and around the client. The therapist then uses crystal wands, spheres and pendulums within the client’s aura (the client’s energy field). The aura is cleansed, then scanned to find areas that need deeper healing work, the aura may also be massage with crystal spheres, eggs or wand. Chakras maybe balanced using a crystal pendulum. At the end of the treatment the aura is smoothed and sealed and the client is gently grounded.

All crystals are chosen intuitively by Lyn
Crystals can be incorporated into other treatments such as Reflexology and Reiki. All treatments by Lyn may include a crystal grid.
 A detailed consultation will be carried out prior to the first treatment. A consultation with Lyn isn’t just about your current health and ascertaining whether there are any contra-indications to treatments. The consultation is finding about you, where are you at in your life at the moment, where are you heading and what is that you wish to heal, nurture or create in your life now and looking forwards

Well Woman Yoga

Well Woman (womb) yoga is yoga for all women of all ages and all phases of their life cycle, whether you have you physical womb space or energetic womb space. This type of yoga is about gentle movements it’s not about pushing yourself as far as you can, it’s not about feeling your edges, though at times you may well find them! This yoga is about relaxation and nurture. This yoga is indeed a spiritual practice, the spirituality of women all over the world, connecting with our life cycles. A powerful practice that leads to an inner knowing of your being; connecting with your body on both a physical and emotional level, unlocking and unblocking you on all levels. A womb yoga session isn’t just a series of asana it also comprises of a check-in as to where you’re at on that day, whether it be how you’re feeling, where you are in your cycle or season and an all important meditation time for you to land, leaving the day behind you.

Womb yoga is about you wherever you are, whatever you need, for uplifting and energising or calming and grounding, to reconnect and accept yourself, nourish and strengthen, become focused, build creative energies. It can help promote healthy menstrual cycles, support fertility, and ease the menopause.

Playshops (classes) and one to one sessions available. In a one to one session we can tailor the asana for you and what it is that you are wishing to achieve whether this be a healthier menstrual cycle, easing the transition through menopause, or help with fertility. One to one sessions can
include not only womb yoga but also gives us the opportunity to explore what else may support you at this current time whether it be inclusion of some meditation/mindfulness or hands or treatments such as shamanic healing or reflexology. After the initial session you may decide that you wish to bring your partner along so you can work together – this can be particularly beneficial in increasing intimacy and nurturing of each other when life transitions are taking a toll on your relationships whether this be support for fertility or for the transition through menopause.

“To practice Womb Yoga is to honour and embrace the original blood wisdom of your womb, or womb space energies, as the source” – Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a relaxation practice promoting a state of deep yet conscious rest.  Props are used to support the physical body, particularly when lying in a supine position ensuring that there is sufficient support at the neck and chest to allow this area to gently and slowly open.  The heart rate and blood pressure slow along with our breath.  Muscles relax and the body moves out of stress and anxiety mode, leading to improved sleep and a reduction in pain. It is not only about the physical body but the energetic body too.  The energetic shape and pattern of the body come into alignment alongside the physical body.


During Restorative Yoga poses are held from 1 or 2 minutes up to 20 minutes and sometimes longer.  Ideally, a savasana should be a minimum of 20 minutes as the average adult takes 15 minutes to drop into physiological relaxation. A class will normally be a sequence of three poses with the third one being a savasana, supported and nurtured wrapped in blankets.  Restorative Yoga is accessible to all, poses can be adapted to meet an individual’s needs.


If you prefer I can come to you and you can enjoy a one to one in the comfort of your own home.

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