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Please read some of our testimonials below

"I have absolutely loved this full moon journey with Lyn. It has so deepened my connection to nature, to all the plants, trees, birds, animals and insects. The group has been such a safe and connected container. I have created a small acrylic painting for each moon and having a steady rhythm to work within has enabled that. The monthly nidras have been divine. I can’t recommend this highly enough if you would like to connect more deeply with nature, the cycles of the moon and yourself"

Sarah W 


" I  have really loved this process. It has helped me to connect to my own environment, nature, the weather, the energies around me & my own energies. So many times I've felt grateful for the opportunity to pause & notice.  I feel like I've begun a map of the rhythms of the wheel & want to keep noticing, adding to it & layering.  Lyn you've held this group in your gorgeous, magical way. I've LOVED the imagery you've used of us weaving our web ... through the towns and down the dales  Your nidras have as ever been a really, beautiful treat- bespoke to each circle, wow we're so lucky!"


"I have been on quite a journey working with Lyn and her shamanic work. I was very intrigued, wondering what it entailed and how it would affect me but Lyn was a natural at putting me at ease and working at my pace so I did not become overwhelmed by the experience. After my first session I felt relaxed and ready to process what had surfaced for me.


My second session I met with a guide which was quite an explosive experience and very high energy so that session ended with lots to continue to journey on and find answers to many questions I had. 


The third session was the most dramatic, which was facing my ultimate fear. Lyn was wonderful at holding the space, guiding me and making me feel safe to be the most brave I have ever had to be. 


The session ended positively however I was exhausted  and again there was a lot to process, journey on and come to peace with.

What came after this session was a complete shift so much so I would say to feel I have had a personality change. I am not in victim mode anymore, I feel much more able to focus on achieving ambitions and feeling capable. 


I have felt a freedom to be curious and explore my wonderings from wild camping, outdoor swimming, hiking to taking on a degree and feeling more focused on my path ahead with confidence that I can achieve. 


My confidence has grown and I am much more settled in my body and the present moment. 


I had no idea Lyn and her work would have the impact it has had and I will forever be grateful for her teachings and journeys."




"Lyn has helped me through many journeys and supported me to see clear visions.  Her caring and supportive nature allowed me to be independent in our sessions and continue this now into my everyday life.  I will forever be thankful."



"Thank you so much for the shamanic healing.  A very helpful and healing process.  It's given me renewed insight and I feel it's reset me to continue forward"

“In my stumbling, fumbling search for what I know not yet, I have been blessed to cross paths with Lyn. Through circles, workshops, and courses she has created safe places to heal and grow. Lyn positively glows and shares her light and wisdom with love and laughter, and each time I leave her sessions feeling invigorated, balanced and enthused. I commend her services, she is a fabulous mentor.” 



 "I have enjoyed both online and in person offerings with Lyn and would recommend them both. Lyn has a gentle healing energy that is both calming and accepting. She is easy to connect with and feels like a true wise woman of the earth, authentic and mindful." 

Christina of Mycelium Moon

"Womb yoga - Lyn creates a safe and accessible space for everyone, managing people's differing abilities.  Lyn themes her classes with the ebb and flow of the seasons, the moon and her cycle.  Lyn leads the yoga class with warmth and a lovely gentle approach, guiding people into their poses with care and attention, and there is always space for laughter and reassurances that you don't have to be perfect.  The end of the class is a delight as Lyn guides people into the bliss of yoga Nidra, weaving her creative magic into words that land with thought and care. I would highly recommend"




"Having attended womb yoga and workshops with Lyn over several years, she is an amazing teacher! Always so cheerful and encouraging and such an amazing person to be with"


"Complete bliss, Lyn's restorative yoga classes are the perfect way to practice self-care, to rest, relax and restore.  Lyn takes care and pleasure in helping you find the most comfortable position, perfect to fully relax into.  There is such care and attention to detail, with props and blankets to support the restoring powers of the positions.  I love that Lyn takes her time to get things right for you, nothing is too much trouble and everything feels so personal.  Being tucked in with blankets and been given a safe space and time to relax is priceless."

"As a teacher of Sacred Art and Seidr I like calling Lyn "Lagu Kona" (the Woman of the Water Rune) because she embodies the wisdom and flow of the primordial mother. Nurturing, healing, guiding and creating all come naturally to her. They flow through her. I witness the same flow in her artwork. In Lyn the difference between artist, poet and healer dissolves. They are one and the same!"
 Imelda Almqvist, international teacher and author of three books including Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit for Life and Sacred Art: A Hollow Bone for Spirit

Yoga Nidra

"I have attended Lyn’s yoga and yoga nidra sessions, together with working with her one to one.  Lyn's energy is precious, gentle, spiritual, and radiates beyond. Her voice has that hypnotic calmness that transcends you into that quiet inner peace and protective stillness , yet still totally aware of your surroundings.


She has studied extensively and has so much to impart, that you don’t want the session to end. Lyn is totally grounded, a spade is a spade, and I am always comfortable and delight in her presence."

“Yoga Nidra with Lyn is the most beautiful I have ever done.  She creates a totally safe, held space and the tone and rhythm of her voice as she takes you on a journey around your body creates a feeling of deep relaxation and absolute bliss.  I absolutely love this practice. “
Sarah W


“The journey Lyn guides you through with Yoga Nidra is beautiful.  I personally sink quickly into relaxation with her soothing tone.  As I journey round my body it feels like I am honouring her and I feel deeply connected.  Sometimes I stay here and sometimes I wander off to a secret world.  Lyn has a wonderful way with words that allows you to feel safe and be completely immersed in comfort.  I feel completely safe and held with freedom to explore or simply be still to receive.  Yoga Nidra is Lyn’s super power and something everyone should experience”
Jennie  of Nurturing Touch

“I just need to tell you that I’m still gobsmacked that these yoga nidras come to you in the moment.  They are always so beautiful, last night’s especially. I was really moved afterwards to think you’d created that in the moment and I felt so fortunate to have been able to be part of it.  I agree with Jennie it certainly is a superpower!  Pure magic!”
Claire S

Be Your Own Author, Follow Your Own Star

"This absolutely amazing course has been so richly transformative for me. I cannot put into words adequately the depth and safety of the container created and held with such exquisite love and safety as only Lyn can. There is no judgement here; just a wonderful, wild, magical space to bring yourself and your stories, to unravel and reweave the threads, the paths, the past, present and future. There was no small talk, many tears shed & belly laughs shared. Beautifully held journeying work and the most magnificent women to travel with! Thankyou so so much Sacred Awakenings for this life changing and life enhancing time together. Completely 100% recommend ♡"

Katharine Lucy Haworth of Orangeblossom Old Ways


"I highly recommend this course with Lyn. She supported and guided with so much love and compassion and the group we had was simply beautiful...

I really find myself missing our weekly sessions... And the thoughts continue to bring growth long after..

Can't wait for part 2"


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