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Meet Lyn Hill

From being a young girl I’ve always loved being outdoors and spent many an hour pouring over wildflowers. My bedroom wall was full of postcards of unicorns, tarot cards and angels, bookshelves lined with books on flowers and tarot and astrology the edges full of crystals, fir cones, dried leaves and sea shells. I spent long days in the holidays foraging with my mum for fruits and flowers for wines and jams and all sorts of tastiness, learning to use nature’s food for all sorts and learning about the cycles of the seasons.

A good day outside inevitably included time spent submerged in water too. I spent time dabbling into the spirit world and psychic awareness, now known by my many of friends as my “witchy twitchiness” which they all put huge amounts of faith in; but at the time I saw a bad accident before it happened and the way I dealt with it was by cutting myself off from those powerful gifts and so for several years this part of my life went on a backburner although it often surfaced. Then I was given a book on aromatherapy and I’ve not looked back since. The essential oils and their properties fascinated me and took me back to my childhood days of spending time outdoors with the plants and trees. The book lead me to train to be an Aromatherapist and Refloxologist in 1997 and while carrying out aromatherapy massage the heat of my hands was constantly mentioned which led me to finding out about Reiki. This was a huge eye-opener for me and really got me thinking about the energy of our bodies and the universe and how deep and profound healing can be.

My Reiki journey took me onto teaching others, such an amazing gift and a privilege to watch people grow and start their own journey of change. My Reiki really opened me back up with messages often given to me during a treatment. Throughout this time I was thirsty for knowledge and my reading about energy medicine took me onto Flower Remedies and the vibrational energies of our plant world and the foraging became not only for making things to eat and drink but essences for healing too. It also got me back to thinking more about the spiritual aspect of our universe. The next step of my journey was into the world of Shamanism, I guess it was hardly surprising with its link to Nature and Spirit World the deep connection with the Plant People, Stone People and so on. The Shamanic Journey has been a deep and powerful one, enabling me to shed unwanted thoughts and behaviours, healing past traumas and grief. Working with my spirit guides and allies is an honour and building up a menagerie to call upon, including Owl, Crow, Jaguar, Snake, Otter to name but a few as well as the ever present force of water. I have undergone training working shops with the Sacred Trust learning skills for use in both personal and one to one Shamanic Healing Work.

I have also undergone both learning and healing with Joanna Joy who appeared in my life just at the right time, as is often the way, just like the book. I have also attended workshops with the Centre for Shamanic Arts. This part of my journey has also taught me about the Sacred Feminine and the loss of sisterhood and more sadly to me, perhaps due to the timing, the revering of our elder women, listening to them and drawing on their strengths and wisdom – the wise woman, the crone, the grandmother.

My learnings about the Sacred Feminine have become interlinked with my own yoga practice leading me to train with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in Womb Yoga. During the Reiki and Shamanic journeys I have been drawn more and more into the colourful world of crystals and having often wanted to study further finally took the step and as I learnt more and more about then and used them more and more I never ceased to be amazed at the power they add to a treatment. So my healing sessions aren’t confined to one thing they are led by what each person needs, the Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Crystals complement each other, it’s what drew them all to me, how they work together, no-one is linear so neither is their healing. So the healing can be a deep, powerful profound event or a gentle nurturing session whatever you need or want at the time.

So if you hear a calling listen to it, the time is right for you, feel empowered by it, come join me for your Sacred Awakening.


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