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Can You Feel It?

Last week on a zoom meeting I said how strongly I’d felt the shift from Aquarius to Pisces. The sun shifted overnight and in the morning I woke feeling different I felt the shift within me and around me, mostly within. I felt lighter, more positive. Finally emerging from Winter, which has taken me some time this year. Longer than normal, much longer.

At our Yorkshire Witch Way Gathering on Saturday we were celebrating Spring Equinox. I said then I could feel the approach of today. I was emotional, I have been all weekend and again this morning. Feeling this shift, change not only with today but tomorrow’s New Moon too. Energies building and shifting.

You can feel Spring coming, smell it on the air. The birds are building their nests in the trees and hedges in and around our gardening. Readying for new life. The daffodils are ablaze with vibrant yellow, trumpeting the arrival of Spring. Delicate Celandines appearing in fields and roadsides. The warmth of the sun lingering in the air. The air pulling me in deeper as we enter Spring, the element of Air, I feel it.

Today as we meet a day of balance of equal day and night. I invite you to take a breath, to pause at this sacred moment. To stand outside barefoot, feel the pulse, the heartbeat of Mother Earth on your feet. Allowing Mother Earth and you to connect to feel each other. To ground yourself, to sink into the moment wherever you are. Close your eyes so that you can really listen to the sounds, become aware of the aromas all around you. Sinking deeply into the experience. Slowly, gently open your eyes, looking around you. See where your gaze is drawn. Noticing the colours, shapes; take time to feel the textures. Bringing all your senses alive. Fully immersing yourself into your surroundings. Knowing for certain that the wheel keeps turning as we take this pause of balance before moving forwards.

I’ve always been aware of the shifting and changing seasons and cycles. Noticing the arrival of new flowers, buds and birds. The Moon cycles, and more recently the stars as I lay in bed watching them travel the night skies. I often talk in the sessions and circles I hold about the smell of the air, the feel of the day. At the moment I seem to be noticing even more, tuning in at an even deeper level. Perhaps influenced by the Creative Visionary Astrology I’m undertaking at the moment. As part of our practice, we are tuning into the ever changing Sun and Moon combinations. Another layer to the energetic shifts not only around me, as I said earlier within me too.

Tomorrow, moving into the next lunar phase. What a powerful week! What a time for sowing seeds and setting intentions. Perhaps reflecting back to Imbolc and the seeds you sowed then. Hopes and wishes you dared to breathe out into the word. Pausing to be with them. Are they still your dreams? Have you nourished them? Gently tended them as you might your garden? Knowing we are entering into a time of abundance, of new growth. As the flowers continue to emerge from the dark. As the leaves unfurl upon the trees, blossoms gently awaken.

Tomorrow I will be sending out the first of our emails for A Journey Around The 13 Full Moons. There is room for a couple more. I’ve intentionally kept the group small, giving time for sharing, allowing bonds to be created as we notice what is happening where we live. Drop me a line if you’d like to join us. If you’d like to take time to pause and be with all who inhabit your gardens, parks, streets, cities. If you wish to immerse yourself into the cycle of our 13 moons.

Perhaps you’d like to join Katharine and myself as we celebrate Beltane, our day of Ceremony and Celebration. As we celebrate the turning of the wheel, the seasons and cycles I wish you joy and beauty in each and everyone of them no matter how small or brief that moment may be.


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