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Weathering the storm

Morning, I hope that you have all weather the storm safely and without damage. It has taken me back to the “great storm” of October 1987, at the time I lived in Eastbourne and I spent the night cowering in my bedsit. I had a ground floor room with beautiful patio doors leading out into the garden. Unfortunately roof tiles were bouncing down off the patio and shattering all around the trees in the garden and across the road were swaying wilding in the wind. I escaped the night unscathed which is more than could have been said for a lot of the town. Many trees were down and there was carnage and debris everywhere. That was on the Thursday night/Friday morning. On the Monday I started my career in the wicked world of insurance –nothing like a baptism of fire. Luckily my life has changed considerably since then and definitely for the better. Although mostly I wouldn’t change it, it was part of my journey and I made some incredible friends and despite it being a droll world we did have lots of fun.

Day of Makara - Sacred Awakenings

So hopefully having made it through safely my question for you is - what did you do this weekend to look after you? We had great fun at our Day of the Makara. We nurtured ourselves spending the day delving into our Sacral Iliac Joint (SI Joint) and Sacral Chakra. We spent a day with gentle yoga moves to increase our flexibility and fluidity, laughed while chanting our Sacral Chakra Seed Sound of Vam, wakening ourselves up after a delicious nourishing vegan lunch. One thing I love about days like this is the generosity of everyone with the food they bring to share, the vibrant colour of the fresh fruit and vegetables and the excitement of new recipes – usually cake! We took a Shamanic Drum Journey and found our Makras a fun and interesting journey for us all with some beautiful Sacred Art being created and shared. Lots of what we learnt today we are able to continue to work with at home on daily basis. This is what one of the participants said about the day.

“Today I was very fortunate to spend a whole day with wonderful ladies on a nourishing and energizing yoga, meditation and drum journey, working deep into our sacral joints. Taking care of yourself is a priority and you must never feel guilty for doing so”

Shamanic Healing Spiritual Journey - Sacred Awakenings

The special thing about a shamanic journey is that you receive messages from your power allies, my Makara had a message of dance so on Saturday night I did just that I went out with some friends and danced, I do love to dance and sometimes I forget how much I love it and I just don’t do it often enough. You can’t beat a good dance and sing along with friends. Sunday morning was glorious the sun was shining, did you go out and enjoy the sun? Get a dose of vitamin D? I started the day by going to a yoga class then I went onto Ilkley Lido, the water was a tropical 14 degrees! Very warm for the time of year and it was just so beautiful the sun reflecting on the water, the lush green moors up above us. For me swimming outdoors all year round makes me feel alive, your body goes through so many physical sensations, infact I think I’ll save this for another blog entry. I’ll do one on swimming one day soon.

When I started writing this I was also starting my newsletter ready for the Open Day at Being Better on Thursday and was thinking what is the difference between a newsletter and blog then as ever while out walking with the dog I was inspired a newsletter is just that news whereas a blog for me is more of chat what have you been up to type thing bit of a diary perhaps I should google a definition – that’s what we do these days isn’t it – when did you last look a word up in a dictionary – an actual book not an online one? Anyways hopefully you are enjoying my blogs and my chats with you. I look forward to our next one soon. Oh and if you do sign up to the newsletter you’ll find out all about our upcoming events. One last question before I go – did you look up at the sky yesterday and see the sun? Wasn’t it incredible? Don’t forget nature is all around us and ever changing.

Sacred Awakenings Orange Sky - Shamanic Healing & Womb Yoga Yorkshire

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