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Imbolc - New Beginnings

Imbolc - a time of potential a time of growth. The Earth is awakening, winter is coming to an end and the promise of spring is on the horizon. Energy is rising, potent energy full of new beginnings. The Earth is stirring, snowdrops are beginning to bloom, buds are appearing on the trees, tightly curled awaiting to open. Now is the time to gather your visions, ideas and dreams, plant them and let them grow and flourish. Light a candle or better still a fire let go of all that you wish to leave behind making room for new things to grow.

Imbolc is a perfect time to get creative, whatever this means to you, sewing, knitting, painting, or writing to name just a few. If like me you have a wish to write poetry, or a book, now is the time to harness the potent energy and pour it into words and or pictures. Feel yourself come alive as the darkness fades and the days become longer and brighter. I am aware that as I sit and write this, I’m freezing cold and it’s icy outside, but the ice is melting …..

A time of change and new beginnings to quote Mahatma Gandhi “be the change you wish to see in the world” As I said in my last blog we spend far too much time comparing ourselves to others, wishing our lives away. Now is the time to act, to be who you want to be, to start whatever it is that you wish to start. Time to express yourself, to speak your truth and step into your power.

I’m using this rising energy to plan new events, for the coming year. I’ve also been making good use of leaving things behind me at the charity shops. Clearing out my clutter, making room for my dreams to grow. I’ve been sorting out my creative materials, finding things I’d forgotten I had, filling bags of wool, fabric and paper ready for The Sacred Wheel (A Path of Exploration) when you will all have a chance to step into your creative power, unleash your inner artist. I’m feeling excited at the potential for the coming months.

On Friday and Saturday at our two Imbolc events, visionboards will be created to manifest dreams for the coming months ahead. Watching our dreams come alive just as the buds on the trees will flourish into fresh, green leaves and beautiful blossoms.

I wish you a happy Imbolc and hope it sees you plant the seeds of exciting new dreams.

By the way, two last minute places have become available on our Friday Imbolc event, please contact me if you want one or both of them.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on my website or Facebook page for details on the events as and when they happen, or why not sign up to my Newsletter.

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