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It's been a while

It’s been a while, I was determined when I set out on my blog that I wasn’t going to be one of those people that just offered random irregular entries, but the busy festive period has got in my way along with lots of fun and exciting training. I did start writing an entry at the end of November and this is what I wrote:

Be careful with your words I know this isn’t a new concept to any of us, the impact that words can have upon us and not only at the time but the lasting effect too. This week I was sat in a guided meditation, unusually for me I was struggling to settle into it, I couldn’t get comfortable my body was restless and I had an increasing feeling of agitation. During the meditation the word battle had been used, for me this had conjured up an image of men in a muddy field dressed in chain mail, armour, metal body plates and helmets wielding axes Quite dramatic I hear you say and yes it was, the concept behind the meditation had been about resisting pain and discomfort and rather than resisting and trying to squash it, be with it, explore it, the idea had been “don’t battle with it” However, for me I had a constant battle throughout the meditation and didn’t enjoy it in any way at all. I hadn’t fully realised the impact the word battle had had on me until later in the day when someone else used the word but in a different context and the mediation came back and wham it hit me in the face. Words conjure different images for different people at different times so please think before you speak whatever the situation is please choose your words carefully. Thank you

It may also be the fact that when I was in this meditation I was very tired and somewhat fed-up I was at the end of 8 days back to back training, it wasn’t ideal but had been unavoidable.

Restorative Yoga - Lyn Hill Sacred Awakenings

My first 5 days of training I had been fully immersed in the world of Restorative Yoga it was amazing and I can’t wait to be able to offer this as one of my sessions both in groups and one to one. Snuggled up in blankets with all kinds of bolsters and props supporting the body feeling completely nurtured and cared for - a state of bliss, opening the body gently and kindly no stretching, pushing our edges, no ego getting in the way. I can honestly say that it eased my scoliosis and opened my “wing” giving me not only more movement but freer movement; a sense of liberation in the body. I hope my case studies enjoy it just as much! Not only was the training amazing, I connected with some beautiful souls too; a beautiful way to spend each day. Coming out at the end of each day, especially on the Friday evening into the hustle and bustle of Manchester, people dashing around, burdened down with shopping bags, revellers drinking gluhwein in the Christmas Markets was somewhat of a sensory overload I didn’t feel ready for the “real world” out there having been safely held and cocooned and I certainly wasn’t ready for the snow on the way home!

Lyn Hill Sacred Awakenings Restorative Yoga

Sacred Awakenings Restorative Yoga Lyn Hill

Since then much has happened, a little thing called Christmas and of course bringing in the New Year. What have you wished for? Have you made broad sweeping resolutions? I don’t make resolutions anymore, haven’t done so for quite a few years now, we seem to set ourselves up to fail with them, become disillusioned, stop going to a gym that we’re still paying for and so on. I now make firm intentions, I set out my hopes, dreams and aspirations for the coming year. Vision boards are a great way of doing this, a simple and very effective manifesting tool and if this is something you’re interested in we still have a few spaces left on our Imbolc Event

We’ve started the New Year with the fabulous Wolf Moon, it also just happened to be another Super Moon, so how has it affected your mood and energies? The Wolf Moon is quite literally named after the howling wolves that traditionally gathered at this time of year and depending on what you read they were either hungry or getting ready for the breeding season or perhaps both! There is no evidence to suggest that wolves really do howl at the moon, but I like the idea that they do and also I do like to howl at the full moon, it gives you a wonderful liberating feeling. Having a powerful full moon is a good way to kick off the New Year too. There are lots of good blogs out there about the Moons, if it’s something that interests you I’d certainly recommend having a look at them, seeing which ones resonate with you. This is one that I quite like.

On the subject of the moon I shall be starting a new course in February – a 4 week course in line with the moon’s cycle, keep an eye on both Facebook and my Blog for more info. It will incorporate yoga, breathing techniques, reconnecting with our body its cycle, seeing how our energies and creativity wax and wane just like the moon. Starting date with be Tuesday 13 February just before February’s New Moon.

I hope to see you soon. Don’t forget the yoga show - follow the link for your discounted tickets

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