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Imbolc Blessings

Wow, what a powerful week we have today (31 January) is a Full Moon, a super moon, a blue moon, it is the second Full Moon of the month and there is no full moon in February this year. The full moon is a perfect time to reflect on any intentions, changes that you have set in place. The full moon is when you are at your fullest potential, when any seeds you have sown are growing, a time to see what is growing and what is not, what needs cultivating, what needs attention. How are you with your changes, what do you need to focus on? It gives you time also, to reflect on what still needs to be let go of, what is getting in your way of making those changes. In order for our intentions to grow we need fertile ground, and just like a garden we need to clear away the debris, that which no longer serves to enable us to cultivate our new seeds.

Full moon is also a perfect time for cleansing your crystals and then laying them out to be charged up in the moon, especially something like amethyst, she loves the moon. On a window ledge where they will catch the moon beams is just perfect, outside is better if that’s an option for you. What about standing a glass of water out overnight to be charged by the moon for you to drink in the morning. You can set you intention with the water too. A belated Christmas present arrived for me this week, a fabulous book that has been on my wish list for ages – The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto, if you have never heard of him, or not come across his work, I strongly recommend that you have a look. I first came across him many years ago, I was introduced to his work by my Reiki Master when I was training for my Reiki Master qualification. It is a fascinating book, if reading isn’t your thing then just have a look at the photographs. There’s loads of links on the internet about his work, his pictures and all sorts, here’s just one little clip for you to watch and muse on especially as we are over half water.

As ever I was a little side tracked there, back to this week and the power of the week. We also greet Imbolc this week, - The Festival of Earth Awakening, Nature’s energy is rising, the Sun gains warmth. Signs of life appear, yesterday I saw some snowdrops beginning to unfurl their petals in the morning sunshine, snowdrops are often associated with Imbolc as they herald the new beginnings of Spring. It is a time of increased energy and fertility, which is why Imbolc is a perfect time to set your intentions for the coming months. You may well have already made your New Year’s resolutions, how are they working out for you? Often our resolutions are set simply because we feel we must, it’s the thing to do. Sometimes they are made in blind panic as someone asks us what they are. Intentions are made with more thought, they are seeds that are sown, thought is given to them, we don’t just think about the end goal, but the journey, what steps do we need to take down this path? What things need to change, back to the gardening analogy, what do we need to “weed” from our own inner garden to allow our inner wisdom to shine, to germinate and flourish? We can light a fire or lots of candles to help cleanse and transform those things we wish to leave behind, this maybe friendships, material possessions, whatever it is that you need to do to make room for your new growth. Having just quickly read this, I’m not suggesting you burn your friends or possessions! But you can set an intention as you light a candle. Although you may have some old journals, letters, diaries that are holding you back, you could always have a little fire outside and burn them watching the flames noticing their colours and watch the fire burn them up and remove them from your life and all that you associate with them. A good way of helping your intentions to grow and flourish is by way of art work, or craft, poetry or song, whatever works for you. A vision board is an excellent way of setting intentions, recently I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot of talk about vision boards, I don’t know if that’s just because they are on my mind. I love doing them and regularly make them. Over the years, I have small things and big things on my boards, they have ranged from a pink fridge, a dog, campervan, holidays, changes or growth in my personal and spiritual development, the latest being my yoga training. Not only are we setting down a firm foundation, but once they are written or drawn we can look at them daily; not only does this mean that we are giving them regular attention but with words and pictures are brains are constantly receiving subliminal messages. You may decide this year that you wish to celebrate Imbolc again there is all sorts of information out there on the internet, but for me it’s always a book, here I’d recommend Glennie Kindred, I think I’ve mentioned her in my blog before. I have several of her books but if you’d like to start thinking about celebrating the Earth and the seasons you can’t go far wrong with her book Sacred Earth Celebrations. Here’s a link to her website:

If you’d like to take some time for you to sit be quiet and meditate on your intentions, the changes you wish to make in your world, then we still have a couple of places left on our Imbolc workshop, here’s the link for more information. We have piles and piles of magazines at the ready, I can’t wait.

It’s also worth remembering that when we make changes in our life we have a ripple effect on those around us and often on Mother Earth herself. I know that the Blue Planet has had an amazing effect on many people and the world of plastic, it has touched many people’s hearts and made many think about how they live and how they wish to change, maybe this is you, thinking about how we live affects the whole Planet and all who live on her, above her and within her.

Linking the two subjects the moon and intentions, now might be the time that you wish to start a moon journal. The moon waxes and wanes just as we do, our energy rises and falls each month, especially us women. It’s a good way of seeing how we link with the moon, not only on an energetic level, but emotionally and creatively and then we can work with this – I shall write more on this another day in more detail, but if it is something that interests you it is work I do on a one to one basis, have a look at the Reawakening and Connecting to Our Sacred Feminine Power information on my website under Shamanic Healing

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