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Full Moon

Well where has the time gone?! It’s over a week since our Retreat at the beautiful Fell Edge – what an amazing day we had full of yoga and shamanic journeys connecting with our ancestors. We had a beautiful altar honouring our ancestors. As ever everyone was so generous with delicious nourishing food offerings. I went home tired, full and happy.

Yoga Silsden, Sacred Awakenings Yoga, Yoga in Skipton

Then of course we’ve had the gorgeous full moon this weekend, known as Beaver Moon or Hunters Moon. Traditionally this is the time that the traps were set for beavers to ensure a supply of warm fur before the waters froze; Hunters Moon as it was the last chance to bring in the final harvest before the time of tractors with headlights.

Sacred Awakening by Lyn Hill - Samhaim

On the subject of the full moon did you lay your crystals out to be charged by the moon? Filling their power allowing them to shine and sparkle?

Sacred Awakenings Skipton, Silsden

I went for a cold and misty dip under the light of the moon, well actually the moon never appeared it was eerie, misty and windy but amazing so yet again I tease and tempt you with a blog entry on my swimming adventures.

This coming Saturday is Nurturing November in collaboration with Bev Watts, just a couple of places left, so if the cold snap this week has left you feeling tired here’s the link

There’s lots coming up over the next couple of weeks so be sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up to our Newsletter so you don’t miss out. Talking of the Newsletter our last one, or first one depending on how you look at it was quickly put together in time for Being Better’s Open Day; this time around I plan to delve into the depths of Mailchimp so hopefully it will look much better. However me and IT aren’t the best of friends so we shall see what happens. They’ll be a mug of chamomile tea at my side to keep me calm!

Go gently on your way. Take time to stop and look around you. Drink in the colours, sounds and aromas you never know what you will see. This week already, I’ve seen a cloud coloured rainbow and listened and watched a gaggle of geese high in the sky getting themselves into formation ready for flying off to another land. I’ve stopped to look at the beauty of the reds and oranges of the leaves on the trees and all around the trunks blown to the floor and seen patterns in the frost.

I’ll leave you with a few lines I recently wrote

Have you?

Have you stood outside and listened to the wind blowing and felt it in your hair and on your body?

Have you lain on the ground breathed deeply into the grass filling your nose with the different scents?

Breathed so deeply you felt yourself connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and felt her vibrations deep within your being?

Stopped to really look at a tree, noticed its colours and strength, felt it’s leaves between your finger tips and listened to its song?

Done a sun salutation to the sun?

Hung your head upside down and thought the clouds were grey foreboding mountains full of dragons and secrets?

Watched the shape and sound of crow as he passes by, feathers out stretched on his way to wave some magic?

Sacred Awakenings nurturing November, Skipton Silsden Lyn Hill

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