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The Bear and Snow Queen

A belated Winter Solstice to you all. I hope that many of you found time to sit and pause and honour this time of year as the wheel turns evermore. The shortest day and longest night as now we turn outwards, as now we begin to rebirth and look forwards, gently coming out of the darkness.

This weekend I had the honour of working with Katharine Lucy Haworth on the final weekend of The Sacred Wheel (A Path of Exploration). Next time we meet will be in March to celebrate the completion of our course. It has been a pleasure and delight co-teaching and the women that have joined us listening to their words yesterday bought pure joy to my heart, hearing all that they have achieved and the changes within themselves since we started at the March Spring Equinox.

This weekend we were celebrating the Direction of North, Element of Earth and of course the Winter Solstice. We all had beautiful ceremonies witnessed by each other where stories were told and all manner of beautiful ways to celebrate this sacred time. Today, I thought I’d share with you a short story I wrote after a drum journey with the Spirit of Winter. I hope you like it. (I’ve written the sun as a she, in many traditions the sun is seen as male and the moon as female, but in the Norse Cosmology that I’m currently learning all about the sun is Sunna female and the Moon Mani male, brother and sister).

“The Snow Queen stood, snow falling silently all around her. Snow dancing as it fell from the sky above. Dancing, shining and twinkling like tiny stars falling from the sky. Her ever faithful polar bear sat quietly at her feet watching her delighting in the snow as it blanketed the Earth.

They stood together remembering all those that had come before them. Remembering the old ways, the traditions that her family had taught her and in time she too would be teaching to her children. Silently they walked through the woods, he left giant paw prints in the snow and she left tiny footsteps quickly filling with freshly laid snow as the snowflakes tumbled around each other layer upon layer.

This quiet time in the woods was special time that they share together, always knowing what the other was thinking. Being led by their inner compass, their inner wisdom took them on their path. The stream, small, narrow as its banks were laden with snow. Rocks in the middle a gentle coating of snow as the edges melted into the water. Steam rising in the morning air from the water’s surface. They paused a moment to watch the steam twist and curl until it become lost in the sky. The sun appeared from behind the mountain top. Celebrating her rebirth. She was glad her waning cycle was over; she was ready to be rebirthed. She was ready to bring light and length to each day looking towards the Summer Solstice when she would reach her zenith. Her sunbeams reflecting on the snow; it appeared whiter than ever before. The sun dancing, twinkling on the snow, each reflecting the other.

On the Snow Queen and Bear went guided by the sun and sound of the water tumbling over rocks in the stream. Until their ears were ringing with song; the joiking echoing across the snowy lands. Calling to the Reindeer herds, gathering the Reindeer together ready for the next part of their journey. Singing to the Reindeer as their fathers had and their fathers before them and as the Reindeer heard the song, they knew it was time to gather, they knew that now they would be moving onwards, their journey taking them ever closer to the land of their rebirth. Across the waters to where their babies would be born where the next generation of Reindeer would start their life. Knowing the joiking, knowing the singing that they’d heard within their mother’s wombs. Their lives ever entwined with the land and the men that lived within the land. All three were one; Earth, Reindeer and Man.

The Bear picked up his paws at a quicker pace, he knew the sound, this too had echoed through his blood forever. He too would be reunited with his old friends. He paused, he was alone, he turned. The Snow Queen, her silver crown shining in the sun, held her beautiful white cloak in her hands, allowing the wind to catch the fabric as she danced and twirled on the spot catching snowflakes on her tongue feeling them fizz and melt as they reached the warmth of her breath. Her pure delight and happiness radiating from her soul, full of joy and glee to be returning home again.

The Bear watched patiently never tired of seeing her delight at the snow and the song of the Reindeer within her ears, vibrating through her very soul. Soon he thought, soon we will be home. Soon we will sit around the fire and honour ways, sharing our stories, remembering all that has gone before us and holding hope in our hearts that days like these will never end. The land and the Spirit of the Reindeer Song danced by the Snow Queen and watched by the Bear. “

Wishing you all Solstice Blessings, Yule Greetings and a Merry Christmas. Hoping that the New Year and new decade bring peace and joy to all beings.

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