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Coming Together

In these times of uncertainty, I feel like I should have some words of wisdom to share but not sure I do right now. I do know that as a healer I feel I have a responsibility to do what I can. I have already been sending out healing and have many prayers in the prayer bowl on my altar. Several thoughts are swirling round my head at the moment about online yoga, in particular how I can do some restorative for you using towels and books and things instead of yoga props. I’m out and about today but hope to be able to give this more thought throughout the week. I realise I’m in Lyn danger area of much procrastination and not much action. I will be doing a drum journey on Friday to mark the Spring Equinox let me know if you would like this to be a “live” if it’s something you wish to be part of. My altar will be reset up this week totally aligned to the current situation it’s a bit of a half and half thing at the moment. I can offer Shamanic Healing in a distant basis and pull a rune for you. I’m just thinking about payment as I know this situation will have far reaching financial impact. I know that anxiety is rising for many and social isolation will create depression for many. Please bear with me while I try to put together stuff to support you in a time and cost effective way for all remembering that exchange doesn’t need to mean “cash” Spring Equinox is a time of balance and this is something that is resonating strongly with me at the moment. Balance is required the news and media is constantly bombarding us with information and sensationalism. I guess my wisdom is to try to create balance and carry on as normal as you possibly can. Maybe you can’t go to yoga as your classes are stopping or you are within the vulnerable group or care for those that are but remember yoga ca be done at home. Perhaps a yoga buddy to check in with to see if you’ve done your “mermaids” today (my lovely Womb yoga group). I have a rune buddy at the moment and it’s helping us both greatly. I appreciate that yoga practice at home or a drum journey on the internet or healing by distance isn’t the same as face to face and I know that is what many of us will miss but sometimes we need to look at our options and choose to do things differently. We can still enjoy the beautiful healing properties of being outdoors, we can still read a book, we can still write (writing a journal can be an incredibly therapeutic tool), we can craft at home and we can take this time to be still, look within and really listen to ourselves on all levels. If you can’t be with people perhaps a FaceTime or Video call of some description so you can still see the face of your loved one, their smile and blow them a kiss. Take care of yourselves my lovelies and support small local businesses in anyway you can. Well I wasn’t expecting so much to be said! 💕🌸

The above is a post I wrote on Facebook on Tuesday, some of you may have seen it. Since then so many thoughts have continued to swirl around my brain and things are changing day by day if not hour by hour. I thought I’d share my musings with you, this is just my own personal take on the current situation, and we will all have our own ideas and thoughts. Some of my thoughts may resonate with you and some of them won’t in any way shape or form. Apologies too as there is some repetition from my Facebook post.

I’m not sure that I really have any words of wisdom to offer we will all undeniably react in our unique way. I’m aware for some anxiety will rise, some will feel fear and panic, some will try to go on as normal, some have care and concern for loved ones. I already see for many that human kindness shines through. The singing in the streets in Italy, the number of groups that have arisen over the internet caring and connecting with the elderly and vulnerable around them and on the darker side people are fighting over toilet rolls in supermarkets, and yet we do not know what lurks behind this shadow, what they are dealing with, who they are buying for.

Who knows what the future will bring with this unchartered territory for us all my own words of wisdom are that on this Friday Spring Equinox a day of balance when day is as long as night a day of balance and perhaps in this time of madness and craziness we can bring some balance into our lives and support others in doing the same for theirs. Whatever that balance means for you or them. I am aware that many of our friends have small businesses, are self-employed and it will hit us hard. There is no doubt that some will struggle to bounce back, there is absolutely no doubt that the financial impacts of this will be far reaching. However coming back to the balance on this Spring Equinox if you are unable to still go to your yoga classes many yoga studios are offering online options perhaps this is something you can do. I feel that at this time it is important that we do find a way to keep balance in our lives and when we think about self-isolation what does that mean for us. I know that exercising in the outdoors is important to many of us and remembering this still can be done we are not on complete lockdown we are not as yet as I type, where other countries have been and are and no doubt more countries will end up in lockdown however whilst we are still able to walk to enjoy our beautiful countryside that is something I shall certainly be doing and for those of us that are healers as has been said in a Facebook group I am in this certainly is a time when we are needed more than ever. A time when together we can send out healing around the world to all beings and to the Earth herself. The energetic vibrations will be dropping as fear and panic sets into many and I do feel as a healer it is my responsibility to raise the vibration to send out healing to all. Already people have asked for prayers to be placed in my prayer bowl and this has done, and I will continue to place prayers into it on my altar for all those that ask for it. If you feel I can help you if you feel that an online yoga class would be helpful, if you are interested in perhaps an online drum journey a way to connect with others if you would like some distance healing let me know if you would like me to bring you a bag of shopping to your door, let me know. We often say to people if there is anything I can do for you let me know and leave that message at their door, I’m guilty of this but this time I will do my best to check in with people regularly. I urge us all to connect with as many as we can on as many levels as we can to reach out to others.

I’m seeing so many conspiracy theories and all sorts pining around. The way I feel about this personally is that we will never know the whole truth behind this situation the root cause or anything I do feel that over the years scientists have often disagreed and will continue to do so making it difficult at times like these to know what to believe and what not to believe. My take is that unless we have the time and resources we are incredibly limited to how much we can look into it all and I feel that much of what is being said on all forms of media is to the detriment to many people’s well-being. I am hoping that people can find balance and take control of their own life as much as they possibly can at this time.

I don’t want to sound as if I’m just rolling over rolling over on my back showing my belly like a dog letting them get on with it however, I do feel that much is out of our control unless we have a considerable amount of time and energy and resources to really look into these conspiracy theories and the truth and many of us don’t I’m also really aware that since time began scientists have disagreed with one another just look at the flat earthers and round earthers both purported to be scientists and both purported that their truth was the truth look at scientists over the years right up to modern day different ideas different methods so again unfortunately we must see the different scientists different health specialists will have different ideas and different beliefs. And once again to a large degree this is beyond our control however what is in our control is how we deal with receiving this information how much we choose to expose ourselves to this information we know from just about everything that is being said from all sources that this virus attacks our immune system so the one thing that we can do is to eat healthily eat foods, drink fluids that will aid and boost our immune system avoid foods that will deplete our immune system avoid fluids that will deplete our immune system. (I am aware as I type this that many are struggling to get the food that they require) avoid activities that deplete our immune system and maybe increase or begin activities that boost our immune system. I giggle as I type this thought being a cold water swimmer there has been much evidence that cold water swimming does boost immune systems so you’ll still find me dipping int the waters of the rivers and the lakes and the tarns to keep my immune system going and more importantly for me to keep my wellbeing topped up. I fully understand those that are in cities and towns that need to isolate and find it difficult to get out into our beautiful countryside I do emphasis with you being outside is a huge part of my mental wellbeing and where I live I am incredibly fortunate to be able to easily step outside.

Going back to what we can control and what we cannot control perhaps a weakness of mine is to always see the best in people and the politicians and the scientists and the medics. Unfortunately I really feel at this moment in time they’re dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t, different countries different continents seem to be trying different methods, different types of lock downs different types of recommendations to avoid the spread and I completely understand what has been said on the media yesterday that by recommending we avoid areas such as pubs and clubs but not giving a directive means that often people don’t want to cancel events, don’t want to close because if they do they’re not able to claim compensation/insurance. I do feel that something needs to be done I do see the whole hospitality business coming under collapse if we are told to avoid these areas or if we end up in lockdown so can’t go to these areas or if we find ourselves in isolation but these small businesses such as where I live if we don’t visit them, if we don’t use them how will they survive? I know again since having these thoughts and typing them up progress is being made and perhaps a lesson from this current situation is a lesson in patience a lesson in looking at the bigger picture, a lesson in looking at the wider impact and dealing with it accordingly. A lesson in patience rather than an immediate over reaction and blame.

I try to see the very best in everyone and I hope that the powers that be are listening to all the information and evidence that is set before them and doing the best they can with the information they have. Remembering that the information they receive is constantly changing as news filters through from each country affected of what has worked and what hasn’t worked and how people are responding to the virus in different ways.

I appreciate that often these things are easier said than done but going back to balance -balance the intake of the news feed, media, social media balancing it and with good stuff whatever that maybe for you, stroking the dog, watching a comedy, reading a book, having a bath I fear that reading various threads on Facebook watching the news, any kind of media can become addictive and we find ourselves spiralling more and more within the depths of doom and gloom, conspiracy theories, panic fear it’s all contagious.

Until yesterday afternoon I don’t think I’d really taken on board the full impact, the full craziness of the panic buying and the hoarding I was shocked at the emptiness of the shelves in the supermarket being one that is not particularly organised having a small fridge and no freezer I am unable to stockpile food, I don’t have the capacity to do so. Many people don’t have the capacity not only space but also the financial capacity many are living day by day week by week. And yet as I say this, I also do my best to understand the driving need for many to stockpile, what lies beneath this need for them.

There are many areas we can take control we can take control for ourselves what we choose to watch, what we choose to listen to what we choose to believe the balance that we choose in our life right now we can choose to reach out to our community we can choose to be part of our community up and down the country lots of community groups are setting up looking for volunteers to help the elderly and the vulnerable there is so much that we can do there is so much within our control let’s look at this and not the fear contagion.

Spare a thought for all those that are working round the clock and our wonderful NHS we are so so lucky in this country to have the NHS. All the people working in the travel industry at the moment being bombarded with questions, complaints, doing their best to get everyone back home to their loved ones however far away that maybe. Doing their best to refund people’s hard earned holiday money to them, all the time not knowing whether they themselves will have a job to go to at the end of the day, or week with the impact on the travel industry that this is having.

Procrastination is my enemy and with all these thoughts swirling around my brain and knowing that action is required and yet by the time I action many people will have posted many beautiful things already and I often at that point thing what’s the point but this time even though there are many beautiful things posted already I’ve broken my mould! I hope you got this far and continue to the end. I’m aware perhaps some of it is quite rambling and I thank you if you have continued to read my swirling thoughts that needed to escape.

My ponderings have bought me to a conclusion about disconnect. I’ve had my teacher of Sacred Art and Seiðr (or Fornsed), Imelda Almqvist’s words of “destruction being in service to creation” ringing in my ears for much of yesterday and hope that through this we will see the death of disconnect and lack of community and the rebirth of community, connection with each other and nature. Families building bonds and memory as they are “forced” to spend time together. And hopefully the destruction of our fast pace materialistic world giving rise to the creation of a slower more meaningful world immersed in the world as a whole rather than a singular society. I hope that this time of stillness allows people to really meet their true selves and see the death of their old ways and a rebirth into a more sustainable way of life.

Last night as I continued to ponder these thoughts I sent this message to a friend “Tonight I’m seeing destruction in service of creation in destruction of our dis connected society and communities and the reconnections being created in communities and reconnecting with small local business. A creation of slowed time as people need to self-isolate a time to pause and a time to reconnect as a family as no doubt in time schools will close and families will spend more time together creating bonds and memories which will hopefully be the destruction of their fast pace life where they are mere ships passing in the night.”

I see this as a time to sit and be with ourselves in our whole, our light and our shadow a time to really listen to ourselves and our dreams. A time to really think what brings us joy, a time to search within and listen to the whisper of our dreams.

I see how all of us “healers” with all our amazingly beautiful skills how we can guide, encourage and support all along the way.

Most of all I am pleased to say that all I have witnessed during the past few days is human kindness and if this is the lasting legacy of the situation what an absolute blessing.

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