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What Does Your New Normal Look Like?

As we begin to see things ease here in the UK and other parts of the world how do you see yourself easing out of “lockdown” Quite clearly as many memes have been telling us on social media, normal wasn’t working and many don’t wish to return to “normal” many of us are looking for a new “normal”

So my question to you is what does your new normal look like? What parts of lockdown have you enjoyed? What parts have you not enjoyed? For me, I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve had to write, I’m not sure that much of the writing I have done will ever go any further than in between the covers of my journals but it has helped me clear my head, for me it’s been a way of downloading all that has been swirling around my brain. I’m an old fashioned pen and paper girl, its rare that my initial musings go straight on to a keypad, although surprising these thoughts are! What have I missed most? Tea and cake with friends and most of important of all that big loving hug that I am so lucky to share with so many of my friends. I’m a very tactile person and love nothing more that a big hug, I have missed these so much. Yes I’ve still had big hugs with Nick and lots of furry cuddles with Daniel Spaniel, but nothing compares to one of those deep connecting hugs with a girlfriend.

Back to my original question what do you want your new normal to look like? What obstacles are you already putting in the way? What cages are you putting yourself back in? During this time did the scales fall from your eyes? Did you see your cages? Did you see how and why you’ve made your cages? Did you start to make your escape plan? Did escaping feeling like a real possibility? Now are you feeling scared or excited? I do just want to say here, that some of us are happy with our normal, and are looking forward to returning to it, perhaps the aspects of normal that we’re not looking forward to us are the greater ones around us that we often feel that we have no control over. But I ask you how true is this? How often do we feel we have no choice but really we do? How often do we say to ourselves “there’s no point in me doing ……..” remember if we all said/thought this then nothing would change, but by each of us making our own small changes it ripples out like a pebble dropped in a pond. Together we can make change.

Back to you – as many of you know I love a good visionboard and each year at Imbolc Bev and I have a vision board session where we all gather, drop down into a place where we let go of ego, to a place where we listen to our inner knowing and from there our dreams are heard, are listened to and often the voice we hear is not our own but that of spirit whispering in our ear. We will write down things that we never knew we wanted to do. I remember being at a New Year Yoga Retreat Day and after a deep meditation we wrote down what we wanted to bring into our lives and top of my list was learn Womb Yoga. I never knew that this was part of my plan, but apparently it was part of spirit’s plan for me and came to fruition and something I love to share and bring this spirit of embodiment to much of what I offer. It’s how we start our day on The Sacred Wheel (A Path of Exploration) bring movement to our bodies, listening to and feeling our bodies, releasing tensions and energy blockages, bringing fluidity to ourselves.

I was wondering if now is the perfect time to create a visionboard? My thought is that we could have a zoom visionboard – what do you think? I can lead us in a meditation or maybe a drum journey, we will gather with our large piece of paper and our clippings from magazines, newspapers, pens, paints, whatever you have at home and together make a vision of our new normal. I appreciate that you may not have many resources at home and would offer to send you a visionboard toolkit which will comprise of two large pieces of coloured paper, clippings from magazines which I’ll cut out and a glue stick, a little package will then be posted to you. I’m aware that the financial situation for many continues to be tricky so will offer this on a pay as you feel from £5 upwards for the session only and £10 upwards if you wish to receive a visionboard toolkit too. Let me know would you like to create your new normal with me?

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