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Full Moon

Tomorrow is Full Moon; this one is often known as Pink Moon, this name comes from the flower ground phlox, also known as moss pink, a flower native to North America that is in full bloom at this time of year blanketing the ground in pink. Many of the Full Moon names are believed to have come from Native American traditions and have seeped into the modern day world. This moon has other names too – Fish Moon, and Egg Moon. No prizes for guessing why Egg Moon – Easter! Although Easter as we know isn’t a fixed date and this seems to be why the name Egg Moon isn’t so popular. I know I’ve come across the name Fish Moon before but I don’t know why this name – anyone out there know?

Full Moon is when the moon is at her fullest, and is said to be a time when we are at our fullest potential. This is the time to harvest our seeds, intentions that we set at New Moon, though it does of course beg the question have you nourished those seeds? Have you tended to them, nurtured them and nourished them as if they were a seed you planted in your garden? Are you reaping what you have sown? Is there a full harvest? Or is it simply that the seed you have sown requires more than one moon to grow? Is it is still growing underground in the dark, not yet ready to push through the surface?

Full Moon is also a perfect time for releasing, remembering that by releasing, letting go, we make room for our new seeds, dreams to grow and flourish so maybe at next Full Moon they will be at their full potential, flourishing in full bloom. It’s a good time to reflect on your New Moon intentions and ask yourself what is holding you back. What is stopping you from letting your seeds grow and flourish? Write it all down on a piece of paper and burn it! I find it best to write each thing on a separate piece of paper, and watch it burn, notice how quickly it goes up in flames or how resistant it is to burning away to ash. Then return the ash to Mother Earth she will transmute it into goodness and golden blessings to nourish the ground. Notice how you feel as you watch each piece burn, what emotions, sensations arise in your body and where.

This time is also a perfect time for forgiveness, who do you need to forgive and why and don’t forget yourself we are often so hard on ourselves, talking to ourselves in a way that we would never dream of talking to anyone else. Again write it down and watch it burn!

A perfect way to connect with the Full Moon is to go outside and gaze upon her beauty shining brightly in the night sky nestled amongst the stars. Yesterday evening she was pale against the blue evening sky, as we drove home the Moon was in front of us pale and gentle and the Sun behind us bold and bright filling the sky and turning from orange to red sinking and setting into the horizon. Take a moment this evening to be quiet and really look at the moon, notice the colour, does it have a pink glow? Notice what the moon actually looks like tonight.

This morning we celebrated the Full Moon with the Full Moon Salute in our Well Woman (Womb)Yoga class. Our yoga sessions are about connecting with the moon, the seasons of the year as well as our own cycles. It is open to women of all ages, and all stages of their life, (whether you have you physical womb, or once had one) if you’d like to join in some gentle yoga and connect with yourself and all that is around you why don’t you come along and join us.

However your choose to celebrate this Full Moon I wish you a magical one.

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